Wednesday, October 12, 2011


  New additions to

Bookmark. Drypoint print.

Danse Macabre. Linocut.
Illustration of Hugh Hothem poem:

Under the green evening the stars drip over the dimming horizon and stalactite city.
Over the table I whisper a conversation with the dead, their hollow esophagus's
and alabaster vertebrates throating silent breath. Dance, she whispers
like a grave song without a name.
I say, let's only lie to each other,
and we spill through the streets like wine,
so elegant and refined - her movement against mine,
cloth falling by waysides of ribs
while lying down in the blue lawn, our legs pass
coordinated as a dance and touching my neck
with the tips of your fingers shifting
into the frays of your essence.

In the night, you say, I can't tell if birds reorient destinies,
Or the stars take flight as angels sound oboe and conch shell
while men have waited all day to sit across the table
from women to talk about the duck and asparagus. 

Ghost Ship. Linocut.

More info about my upcoming show at The Old Ambulance Depot soon.

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