Saturday, July 14, 2012

10 Things Most Americans Don't Know About America

American Boy, Wake Up! Darrel Perkins. 2011
"The United States is my alcoholic brother. And although I will always love him, I don’t want to be near him at the moment."
A thoughtful excerpt from Mark Manson's enlightening article attempting to educate America about itself. It's biased by personal experience but absolutely worth reading in it's entirety. Here are the points: 

  1. Few People Are Impressed By Us
  2. Few People Hate Us
  3. We Know Nothing About The Rest of The World
  4. We Are Poor at Expressing Gratitude And Affection
  5. The Quality of Life For The Average American is Not That Great
  6. The Rest of The World is Not A Slum-Ridden Shithole Compared to Us
  7. We're Paranoid
  8. We're Status-Obsessed And Seek Attention
  9. We Are Very Unhealthy
  10. We Mistake Comfort For Happiness

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