Thursday, May 17, 2012

Degree Show 2012


  1. Great job! It definitely looks like a lot of work. Best of luck to selling your works!

  2. WOW!!!!! Looks MARVELOUS. Wish I was there to see your work in person. The pix of you working on the mural look like art works too. Seems like it'll be the best corner of the show! Lots of work with a grand reward..a Masters in Fine Art! Hope you sell a bunch. Love Mom

  3. Darrel: Do you have official graduation date??
    Thanks for sharing some of your work to grasp where your two years went.
    Lots of talent and moving on for job or selling your masterpieces!!
    Larry O.

  4. Heyy Darrel!! Don't know what made me browse through your blog today, its been a while haha. Glad I did though, you've got some amazing stuff there! I recognize a lot of it. Graduation should be around the corner, right? If so, Congrats!! Hope your doing well :D

    Take care,
    Shana D

  5. Darrel, Congratulations! I really like the octopus background you made. That must have been a lot of work. Very nice display. You are so talented! Looking forward to seeing you in July. Good luck on your show. Love, Auntie "D"

  6. Darrel, Congratulations! This is a great display, I really enjoyed viewing it. See you soon in July. Miss you, Love, Memere