Friday, April 27, 2012

Most Useless Degrees

New study by The Daily Beast:
  1. Fine Arts   
  2. Drama and Theater Arts   
  3. Film, Video, and Photographic Arts   
  4. Commercial Art and Graphic Design   
  5. Architecture   
  6. Philosophy and Religious Studies   
  7. English Literature and Language   
  8. Journalism   
  9. Anthropology and Archeology   
  10. Hospitality Management   
  11. Music   
  12. History   
  13. Political Science and Government

And a response from a defender of the arts:
"After all, who's more important today, Rembrandt or the people who bought his art? Monet or the people who bought his? Van Gogh or the rich idiots who FAILED to buy what he made? Useless is as useless does, I say, and it seems pretty clear to me that, across history, many of the people who made the biggest difference had training in the most useless professions. (Aristotle, anyone?)"

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