Wednesday, November 2, 2011


"Now it will hurt, I feel it and I'm afraid of it. In a similar context of exasperation, today I accompanied a friend to do shopping, and I was really upset by the fact of counting, what I have, what remains, what I really need, to make choices while all around me I saw those sons and daughters to father, they were slamming money, without any care, in a very natural way, as if nothing had happened. Fed up being poor. I know there's people poorer than I and that's a luxury to complain about shopping with no worries... But this is a whole. I hope you don't have television, and you live far away from the advertising and TV news. Or maybe it is not so annoying there. I've got the impression they are taking us for idiots. Promoting fear, gathering nationalists herd, buying to forget, having to exist, that's the must to be “in”. Fucking mentalities. Zombie sheeps we are. I hate it."

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